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Discover the active life of Colombia - Biking, Trekking or wildife watching - the active tours are made for travellers who want to experience the intense side of the South American Countries.

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Outdoors - Colombia - Bike & Trekking in the South 14 Days

Colombia’s spectacular landscapes make it the perfect place to go on an extensive biking and trekking tour. Experience this mixture of rainforests and mountains which will give your guests a time full of surprises.

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Outdoors - Colombia - Bike & Trekking North 14 Days

Our extensive biking and trekking tour to the south combines visits to the National Park de los Guacharos and the scenic Tatacoa desert with active parts along canyons, green hills and coffee- and sugar cane plantations.

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Outdoors - Colombia - Birding 10 Days

Colombia is a bird-lovers paradise: at least 1.870 species spread out over some of the most diverse habitats, from high Andean páramo to wet coastal jungle and 74 endemic species were found nowhere else on earth.

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Outdoors - Nature Paradise Colombia 10 Days

Colombia has one of the highest biodiversities in the world as well as the highest number of species that live nowhere else in the world. This journey will give an unique and insight into the diversity of nature.