Board of Directors

Dear Partners,

back in early 1988, when I took over South American Tours, we had an established office in Germany and a very successful office in Brazil.  SAT, founded in 1973, was already very well known and a leader in the German speaking market.  I still had a dream of making this company bigger, while maintaining excellent, personalized service for each and every passenger.

Our clients trusted us and we actually never lost our personal touch regarding preparation of the trip and their stay in South America.
To ensure this and to be "closer" to the scene we decided not to operate via third parties but to do it directly, instead. So over the years, 6 SAT offices were born in addition to our Brazil office, and year after year and step after step the company started growing and became what it is now.

Needless to say I am extremely proud of it and looking back, I can say without a doubt: mission accomplished!

Of course this would have been impossible without the wonderful team I have had the honor to lead for the past years. Many of them have shared our paths since the very beginning and to them I am extremely grateful! But none of this would have been possible without our clients either, who over the years have become our friends and this friendship helped us increase our commitment to them in terms of service and quality. We never take any clients´ business for granted!

Overall, I have a lot to be thankful for, both our longstanding and new clients and for the team as well. We continue working every day as hard as we do to please YOU, our exceptional clients.

Effective Feb 1st, 2021, I will step back as CEO of the company and hand over my responsibilities to Diana Spehn, who is the General Manager of our Peru office since 2012.
Diana, the entire SAT team and our valued clients and partners can of course count on my continued support as the President and Owner of SAT.

Federico Büker
President & Owner

Dear Partners,

First of all, I would like to thank Federico for his trust in me. I'm excited about this new challenge and am sure that with the help of the amazing team that we have, we will continue consolidating South American Tours as the best regional DMC in South America.
I have been working with SAT since early 2007, both in Ecuador and Peru and latest in the role of General Manager of our Peru office, in addition to some regional responsibilities I have assumed over the years. In addition to continuing Federico's work over the years, I will continue in the endeavor of preparing SAT for new challenges, making the company more digital and more sustainable.
Even though this change has been planned for some time now, it does come at a time of crisis. One sentence I have heard during these seemingly endless months of Covid19 was “never waste a crisis”. We have taken advantage of these past months to emerge even more personalized, even more creative, and even better. The base of our existence and the years to come are our amazing clients, and I would like to seize the opportunity to thank all of you once again, for trusting us with your guests.

Diana Spehn