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We are constantly breaking new ground to develop innovative and interesting new tours. To suit those with special interests, we have come up with some ideas to show the numerous cultural aspects of Chile considering special focusses as for example Wine, Gourmet, Astronomy, Fly fishing, Nature Walks well as Agriculture and Music, Cultural and Religious Festivities.

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Get inspired from our ideas and send us your request; we will customize a tour which meets with your client's specific needs.

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Argentina, Chile, Uruguay - Botanical Tour 13 Days

Gardens and inspiring landscapes in the central coast  valley of Chile, South Patagonia, the Araucania region, the Delta of the Parana and Uruguay - for everyone who admires the beauty in nature and landscapes.

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Chile - Andes and Ocean (Student Tour) 9 Days

Get to know Chiles landscapes by experiencing unforgettable adventures like trekking through the forest on one hand and touring through famous cities while having Spanish language classes every morning on the other hand.

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Chile - Astronomic Journey 9 Days

The Astronomic Journey combines the metropolis Santiago, the beautiful Elqui Valley and the Atacama desert of Chile, the driest desert in the world. The highlight will be star-gazing from different observatories.

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Chile - Fly Fishing 9 Days

Another facet of versatile Chile is waiting for your guests! After exploring the capital and tasting some famous Chilean wine, guests will experience fly fishing in midst of Patagonia’s unspoiled nature!

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Chile - Gourmet Journey 7 Days

A journey to get to know the culinary diversity of Chile first hand leads from the vibrant metropolis Santiago and the close by vineyards to the fascinating Atacama Desert.

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Chile - Ski & Surf 14 Days

Combine two famous sports at one time in one country: surfing at the well-known beaches of Punta de Lobos and Pichilemu in the South of Santiago and skiing in the Valle Nevado - the best Ski & Snowboard resort in Chile.

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Honeymoon around Chile 18 Days

This journey is a combination of highlights: Atacama - the driest desert of the world, the fascinating Torres del Paine National park and the mystic Easter Island! Great to experience.

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Honeymoon in the Atacama Desert 6 Days

Welcome to the Atacama desert, the world´s most arid desert. The altiplanico is rich of natural hot springs, geysers, salt flats and sand dunes. Get in touch with this unique and spectacular place in the north of Chile. 

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Honeymoon on Easter Island 6 Days

The mystic Easter Island is a place full of culture & history in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Fulfill an ancestral wedding cerenomy with body painting in natural paints, traditional dancing and singing. A unique experience!

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Peru, Chile - Nature Walks 15 Days

Hiking in Peru and Chile is a rewarding life experience for lovers of nature and culture. Guests immerse in legendary tales of the Incan Empire and take in the breathtaking landscapes of Peru and northern Chile.