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In our premium tours selection you find a variety of extraordinary travel ideas for the luxury market or an upmarket clientele. Those tours have been carefully designed to enjoy the best hotels and lodges of the destination, to really experience the culture, and at the same time allow time for relaxation and personal discovery.

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Brazil - A Gem between Metropolises 8 Days

Experience the appeal of the two biggest cities in Brazil and relax in the coastal village of Parati, a virtual museum within a tropical paradise, considered by UNESCO as important examples of Colonial architecture.

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Brazil - Culture & Nature 11 Days

Combine the best of culture and nature by travelling to one of Brazil’s vibrant megacities, discover the vast rain forest on a 4 day Amazon cruise and enjoy the fascinating and amazing Foz do Iguaçú waterfalls.

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Brazil - Fabulous North 15 Days

Discover the unique metropolis Rio de Janeiro, the fascinating north of Brazil with Lençois and Atins, its unique landscapes and wildlife, Salvador - the country’s Afro-Brazilian jewel and be prepared to fall in love with its magic.

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Colombia, Peru, Brazil - Pearls of South America 18 Days

Get a broad impression of South America by travelling to its most famous sights and cities, like Cartagena, continue to the Andean Highlands and Amazon region of Peru, the Iguassú falls and the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.

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Impressions of Brazil 13 Days

Get to know Brazil in just two weeks. Discover the fascinating metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, the impressive waterfalls of Iguassú, Salvador with its historical center Pelourinho. Enjoy a relaxing time at Txai Resort in Itacaré.