SAT Seat-In-Coach Tours

The SAT SIC Tours are:

+ group tours with fixed departure dates,
+ guaranteed with a minimum of 2 passengers (Ecuador: 4 pax),
+ with english speaking local guides,
+ inclusive flights within South America via SAT.

For some selected tours and departures we offer a Small Group Travel Guarantee of
max. 16 passengers per group.
We offer numerous pre- and post-extension packages which can be customized to your individual needs.
Please find down below the details of all tours; Request current rates from our team or ask for your personal client log-in details to download further info.

Your selection - 33 tours

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Explorer Line - Scenic South America 12 Days

From pulsating Santiago crossing the Andes to Mendoza, continue to Buenos Aires the city of Tango and to the spectacular waterfalls of Iguassu before enjoying Brazilian life in Rio de Janeiro.

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Explorer Line - Taste of South America 11 Days

From the colonial cities Montevideo and Colonia in Uruguay to the metropolis Buenos Aires. Pure nature at Iguassu Waterfalls and active life in Rio de Janeiro are waiting to be discovered.

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Explorer Line - World Heritages of South America 12 Days

Visit of the breathtaking Incan sites in the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the ecuadorian metropolis Quito. Possibility for an extension to the beautiful Galapagos-Islands.

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Explorer Line Premium - South America in Style 2019 NEW!!! 13 Days

Beside Machu Picchu, the natural spectacle of the Iguassu falls and the passion of Tango in Buenos Aires you will get to know the delights of Latin American cuisine, staying exclusively in 5* hotels.

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Explorer Line Special - Peru & Ecuador: Andean Faces 13 Days

Discover beautiful landscapes and gain an interesting insight into the lifes of the people in small Andean communities who are still holding on to fascinating and ancient traditions.

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Galapagos - Island Hopping 6 Days

Several days Island Hopping program in the Galapagos Archipel, a nature paradise for sea lions, saurians, pelicans and penguins with overnigth on Santa Cruz Island, Floreana Island and Isabela Island.

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Galapagos Island Stay - Isabela Island 4 Days

Isabela is the biggest island of the archipelago and occupies about 60% of all the land area of Galapagos. All five volcanoes on the island are still active today. The equatorial line runs straight through its massive crater.

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Galapagos Island Stay - San Cristobal Island 3 Days

San Cristóbal is one of the few islands that have permanent settlements. Sea lions, sally light foot crabs, marine iguanas, frigate birds and the endemic Chatham mocking bird are living on this island.

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Galapagos Island Stay - Santa Cruz Island 4 Days

With a surface of 986 km2, Santa Cruz is the second largest island of the Archipelago. Colonized since the 1920’s, Puerto Ayora, the populated part of the island, is the most important harbour of the Archipelago.

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GPS Island Hopping - San Cristobal & Santa Cruz Island 6 Days

Detailed sightseeing of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Island and overnight at Hotels on both islands. Full day boat journey to one of the islands North Seymour or South Plazas or Bartolomew or Santa Fe.

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