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Central Colombia 10 Days

Discover the vibrant cities of Colombia: Bogotá and Medellín in the Andean highlands and Cartagena at the Caribbean coast along with gorgeous natural reserves like Rio Claro.

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Chile - Desert, Glacier, Lakes 14 Days

Discover the contrasts of Chile from the vast Atacama desert in the north and the metropolis Santiago to the center to the picturesque Lake Region and the glaciers of Patagonia.

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Chile, Argentina - The Mystery of the Andes 16 Days

Tour to the metropolises Santiago and Buenos Aires and into the wine region around Mendoza, the Andean highlands around Salta and into the Atacama desert one of the driest regions of the world.

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Chile, Bolivia, Peru - The Heart of South America 17 Days

From Santiago into bizarre landscapes in the Atacama desert and around the stunning Salar de Uyuni, onto Peru highlands including Machu Picchu and to the rainforest of the Tambopata reserve.

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Colombia & Ecuador - Culture & Nature 13 Days

The most famous cities of Colombia: Medellín, and Bogotá in the highlands and Cartagena at the Caribbean coast, combined with a visit of Quito and the beautiful Sacha Lodge in the Ecuadorian rainforest.

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Colombia - Coffee, Culture & the Caribbean 10 Days

Experience the diversity of Colombia from its lively capital Bogotá to the fascinating Tatacoa Desert, San Agustin and the colonial city Cartagena at the Caribbean coast.

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Colombia - Colonial Heritage 10 Days

Colonial Impressions of Colombia with visit to the impressive cities Bogotá in the highlands and Cartagena at the Cribbean coast as well as the enchanting colonial villages Villa de Leyva, Barichara and Guane.

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Colombia, Ecuador - Coffee & Colonial Culture 11 Days

Magnificent landscapes, colonial cities with historical buildings, famous museum and colorful markets as well as an old coffee tradition makes this journey through Colombia and Ecuador unique.

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Diversity of Peru 14 Days

Visit natural wonders like the mysterious Nazca Lines and the stunning Colca Canyon as well as cultural highlights like the Uros Indians on Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu the lost city of the Inca in the andean highlands.

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Ecuador - Andes and Jungle 12 Days

All the way by land from Quito, Otavalo and Papallacta into the colorful Amazon region, back to Andean highlands and onto the colonial cities of Cuenca and Guayalquil.