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Pure Ecuador 19 Days

On this unforgettable journey you will become one with Ecuador's nature and culture. Discover the colonial history of the cities, the indigenous legacy of the villages and the beauty of pristine sceneries.

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Pure Peru 21 Days

Experience Peru's fascinating culture first-hand. On this authentic journey you will discover the mysticism of this country, from Lima to Machu Picchu, from a different perspective.

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Pure Uruguay 14 Days

South America's smallest country has a lot to offer: colonial cities, dreamy fishermen's villages, unspoiled nature and golden beaches. Discover Uruguay, genuine and in all its facets.

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Scenic South America 12 Days

Visit the metropolis of Santiago de Chile and cross the Andes to reach the wine region of Mendoza, continue to Buenos Aires, the city of Tango, the giant Iguassu waterfalls and the fantastic Rio de Janeiro.

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Unique Uruguay 13 Days

On this women inspired journey you will meet some extraordinary people and discover natural treasures, while you learn more about the Uruguay's women's suffrage and get a taste of the country's famous olive oil!

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Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil - Taste of South America 11 Days

The metropolises Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro in South America combined with colonial flair in Colonia del Sacramento and natural wonders at the Waterfalls of Iguassu.