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Boutique Tour - Expedition to Northern Brazil

(20 Days)

Salvador da Bahia | Lençóis | Sao Luis | Barreirinhas | Atins | Parnaíba | Jericoacoara | Recife | Fernando De Noronha

Day Routing
01 Salvador da Bahia

Arrival in Salvador and transfer to the hotel.

02 Salvador da Bahia

City tour with Salvador´s historic landmarks. Optional dinner with Afro-Bahia show including acting and dances.

03 Salvador - Lençóis

Public bus transfer to Lençóis. Afternoon excursion to Primavera and the Serrano River (shared basis). Overnight at a hotel in Lençóis.

04 Lençóis

Full day tour to the caves Lapa Doce and Pratinha, Mucugezinho river, the Devil's well and Pai Inacio hill (shared basis). Lunch is included.

05 Lençóis

Trekking tour including box lunch to Sossego waterfall (shared basis).

06 Lençóis- Salvador

Public bus transfer back to Salvador.

07 Salvador - Sao Luis

Flight to Sao Luis and transfer to the hotel.

08 Sao Luis - Barreirinhas

Transfer to the hotel in Barreirinhas passing by plantations of babassu and moriche palms.

09 Barreirinhas

Jeep excursion to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. From March to September hundreds of lakes are formed in its magnificent dunes. Enjoy a spectacular sunset.

10 Barreirinhas - Atins

Speedboat ride on the Preguiças river to observe mangroves and birds. Stop in the Vassouras community for fresh coconut water and the fishing village Mandacaru to visit its lighthouse. Arrival in the fishing village Atins in the afternoon and transfer to the hotel.

11 Atins - Parnaíba

Short boat ride to Caburé followed by a transfer to the hotel in Parnaíba. Excursion into the Parnaíba River Delta.

12 Parnaíba - Jericoacoara

Transfer to Jericoacoara passing by Camocim and Ilha do Amor. Check-in at the hotel.

13 Jericoacoara

Excursion to the Jericoacoara National Park with visit to the Sloth Tree, the Blue Lagoon and the Paradise Lagoon.

14 Jericoacoara - Recife

Transfer to Fortaleza and flight to Recife. Arrival in Recife and transfer to the hotel.

15 Recife

City tour in Recife and Olinda, including the two towns´main sights, beautiful viewpoints and a stop at Boa Viagem beach.

16 Recife

Free day. Optional excursion to Porto de Galinhas.

17 Recife - Fernando De Noronha

Flight to Fernando do Noronha. Transfer to the hotel followed by a historical walking tour (shared basis).

18 Fernando De Noronha

Boat tour passing by the main beaches of Fernando de Noronha and the Dolphin's Bay including stop for swimming (shared basis).

19 Fernando De Noronha

Excursion to the main beaches of Fernando de Noronha and Belvedere with natural pools and a stop for swimming (shared basis).

20 Fernando De Noronha

Transfer to the airport for homebound flight (shared basis).