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Ecuador - Birding

(14 Days)

Quito | Bellavista | Papallacta

Day Routing
01 Quito

Arrival to Quito. Surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, Quito is a city offering the best possible blend of old world charm and modern sophistication. Overnight in a colonial style house is in the middle of the commercial area.

02 Quito

On a sightseeing tour through the old part of the city you can still breathe the colonial history of Ecuador. Visit to the Equatorial Monument “Middle of the World”, where you can stand with a foot on each hemisphere and visit of the museum "Inti Ñan" explaining the customs of the ancient cultures of Ecuador.

03 Quito - Bellavista

Visit the Yanacocha reserve, located on the northwest flank of Volcán Pichincha. Yanacocha is home to the Puma, the Spectacled Bear and the endangered black-breasted Puffleg, the emblematic bird of Quito. Continue westerly to reach the subtropical area of Bellavista. Overnight at a Hostería with spectacular views.

04 Bellavista

On your bird watching tour through the reserve you always can see great birds, like the tanager flock, the Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan or the Tanager-Finch. And with guarantee you will see hummingbirds!

05 Bellavista

Birding in the Tandayapa valley has a long and rich history. The valley hosts 61 range-restricted birds, but its showpiece has to be the Plate-Billed Mountain-Toucan. They can be heard yelping and rattling their beaks throughout the day and are relatively easy to track down.

06 Bellavista

Río Silanche, one of the last remaining accessible forest remnants found in this habitat, is situated in the hilly lowland forest at an altitude between 300-350m. Several species of birds looking for food as well as important Chocó regional endemic species bombard the visitor all day long without a break.

07 Bellavista

At Mashpi area 22 chocó endemic birds are registered, which is probably a record for Ecuador. This is an excellent place to see the Indigo Flowerpiercer, the Moss-backed Tanager and the Glistening-Green Tanager.

08 Bellavista

The Maquipucuna Cloud Forest Reserve harbors over 4% of the world bird diversity, including spectacular birds such as the Toucan Barbet, Cock-of-the Rock or the Plate-billed mountain toucan. It is the only Reserve where spectacled bears can be seen during the fruiting season.

09 Bellavista

The Milpe Bird Sanctuary is considered as one of the finest sites for birding in all of Ecuador and many of the most spectacular Chocó Endemics occur here. Club-winged and Golden-winged manakins are relatively easy to observe and to photograph. Seasonally, the White-bearded manakin is here too, popping and whirring.

10 Bellavista - Quito

Early in the morning you start visiting the private area of Refugio Paz de Las Aves, well known among ornithologists. The brothers Angel and Rodrigo Paz, owner and native guides, will show you the special birds that seek protection on their lands. Afterwards return to Quito.

11 Quito - Guango Lodge

Transfer eastwards to reach the Antisana Natural Reserve in the highlands of Ecuador. Up in the paramo you will do an 2h walk and observe the small but beautiful paramo flowers and Andean birds. The area is one of the few places in Ecuador where the Andean condor still remains. Picnic lunch included. Overnight at Guango Lodge near the paramo and hot springs of Papallacta.

12 Guango Lodge - Papallacta

Discover the birdlife of Guangos fauna and enjoy the beautiful orchid garden of the lodge. Continue to the thermal baths of Papallacta and take a relaxing warm bath. Overnight at Termas de Papallacta.

13 Papallacta

Enjoy the pleasant effect of the warm, odorless thermal water surrounded by a wonderful landscape or go for a walk to explore the typical flora and fauna of this region.

14 Papallacta - Quito

Transfer to the airport of Quito for homebound flight.