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Unforgettable South America
Discover unknown destinations, make unique experiences - this is the secret of succesful Incentive programmes. Authentic or up-scale ambience, mystic culture or untouched nature – the range of SAT Incentive tours in South America reaches from exciting stays in Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires to extraordinary expeditions off the beaten tracks in the desert or Survival Training in the rainforest of the Amazon region.
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Get inspired by our selection of first travel ideas for Incentive tours in South America. Specialized programs will be customized upon your request.

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Chile - Desert & Ice 7 Days

Explore this impressive country and enjoy the contrasts of Atacama, one of the driest deserts in the world, and the Ice and Glaciers of South Patagonia amidst beautiful Torres del Paine national park.

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Chile - Easter Island 5 Days

Experience the gigantic stone figures, a mystic testimonial of the old Polynesian people, beautiful landscapes, polynesian specialities and traditional body painting on the mysterious Easter Island!

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Chile - Santiago & Wine 6 Days

Santiago awaits its guests with colonial as well as ultramodern skyscrapers. In contrast to the bustling city, guests will meet country life, beautiful silent valleys and traditional wineries in the famous Chilean wine region.

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Colombia - Bogotá & Cartagena 6 Days

Exploring the amazing Bogotá and beautiful Cartagena, guests will feel the African influences in food, music and culture and admire the European architecture, as well as feel the Caribbean flair.

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Colombia - Bogotá, Cartagena & Coffee Triangle 7 Days

Welcome to the country of coffee and don´t miss a taste of the Original in the famous Coffee Triangle. African influences and Caribbean flair are waiting in Cartagena at the Carribean coast.

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Colombia - Cartagena & Amazon 7 Days

Discover the historic old town of colonial Cartagena with its Caribbean flair, as well as Leticia, gateway to the fascinating Amazon rainforest. A diversified journey is waiting for you!

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Ecuador - Amazon & Galapagos 10 Days

Visit Quito and admire the landscape while driving by jeeps to the Cotopaxi volcano. Meet indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest and observe the unique fauna at the Galapagos Islands!

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Ecuadorian Highlands 5 Days

Enjoy the highlands of Ecuador from the attractive city Quito, declared "Patrimony of Mankind" in 1978 by UNESCO, to the famous town Otavalo and the breathtaking Cotopaxi National Park.

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Peru - Amazon & Desert 8 Days

Discover Lima, the bustling capital of Peru, enjoy a delicious dinner in the midst of the desert, relax at the pacific coast and gaze at a luxury cruise the amazing biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon.

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Peru - On Incas Traces 6 Days

Explore beautiful colonial treasures in Lima, the historic Incan city of Cusco and the colourful ancient cultures of the Andean highlands around mystic Machu Picchu.