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We are constantly breaking new ground to develop innovative and interesting new tours. To suit those with special interests, we have come up with some ideas to show the numerous cultural aspects of South America considering special focusses as for example Wine, Gourmet, Dance and Cooking as well as Agriculture and Music, Cultural and Religious Festivities.

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Boutique - Ecuador - Slow Food Experience 13 Days

The Slow Food Movement reached Ecuador in 2007. Ever since the Ecuadorians try to protect their unique culinary heritage and preserve the 3 basics of the Slow Food concept: good, clean and fair.

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Boutique - Ecuadorian Art 12 Days

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries of South America and yet one of the most diverse. Its rich art scene seeks to reflect the variety in nature & culture from the coastal region, the Andean Mountains and the Amazon Region.    

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Boutique - Expedition to Northern Brazil 20 Days

This discovery of Brazil´s northern regions shows just how many gems lie hidden beyond Rio and the Copacabana. The beauties of Chapada Diamantina, Lençóis Maranhenses and Fernando do Noronha await you!

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Boutique - Haciendas in Ecuador 10 Days

Ecuador's colonial-era haciendas are steeped in charm and character. They are redolent with the history of generations that worked to create them, and also present a glimpse of the country’s dramatic Andean highlands.

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Boutique - Peru - Yoga & Nature Retreat 12 Days

Experience the mystery of the Inca, the majesty of the Andean mountains and the peaceful sounds of the Amazon. This is nature's yoga: Open air, sweeping views, time to rest. Welcome to our Peru Yoga & Nature Retreat!

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Explorer Tours - 5 Countries - Crossing South America 22 Days

Journey through South America including visit of important highlights like the Atacama Desert, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Iguassu falls and the impressive metropolises of Santiago, Cusco, Lima, Buenos Aires and Rio.

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Explorer Tours - Bolivia, Peru - Mystical Andes & Natural Wonders 16 Days

The mystic of the Andes, the isolation and peace of the Altiplanico and the bizarre forms of Salar de Uyuni will impress you the same way like the wideness of Lake Titicaca and the most famous Incan Site Machu Picchu.

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Explorer Tours - Chile, Bolivia, Peru - Salt Flats & Andean Mountains 16 Days

From the driest desert in the world you continue to the fascinating and bizarre Uyuni, the world´s largest salt flat and reach the highest navigable Lake Titicaca. At the end you will reach the famous Incan site of Machu Picchu!

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Explorer Tours - Fascinating Bolivia 11 Days

Experience the world´s largest salt lake with spectacular natural wonders, magnificent colonial buildings in Sucre, the once so rich town of Potosí and the highest navigable lake and cradle of the Incan Culture, Lake Titicaca.

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Explorer Tours - Fascinating Colombia 13 Days

A trip to all fascinating highlights of Colombia: the metropolis Bogotá, colonial cities Villa de Leyva and Cartagena plus natural wonders including the Tatacoa Desert, El Totumo mud volcano and several national parks.